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Successfully bringing innovation
since 2016


As a spin-off from Studio Raphaël Lutz created in 2016, HyperAktiv is a place for applied innovation where advanced concepts can be developed and take shape. By monitoring and supporting creative and innovative projects, Hyperaktiv offers everyone the opportunity to experience how creation can stimulate innovation. It is a research and development department for everyone, a fertile risk-taking lab and a bet on the future where design is used as a solution.

We offer tailor-made innovation workshops for each of our customers and partners to enhance their innovation. Our design methods will allow you to improve your services and products. We materialise the ideas produced on site with our makerspace and our semi-professional kitchen and help you to implement them.

We are Raphaël, Julien, Manfred, Kelly and Neville. We are designers, innovation specialists and food engineers. We are a family, limitless and Hyper agile. We are creative revolutionaries, we are bold and driven by design, we are Hyperaktiv and we want you at home!

Our user-centric approach is HyperAktiv and our critical and analytical mind allows us to dig further and deeper into the concepts. In a forward thinking approach, we develop innovative projects hand in hand with our customers by sharing our creative know-how.

At HyperAktiv, everything revolves around the 100 sqm semi-professional kitchen made available for chefs and food experiments. Convinced that food is the next revolution, we wish to stimulate virtuous exchanges particularly around our flagship research project in tableware design, Designer’s Table.

Located in the old factory of professional fryers Valentine SA in front of Renens train station, our space has a makerspace, a semi-professional kitchen and an area of more than 400m2. Exhibition, conference, meeting, seminar or product launch, your next event could be at HyperAktiv.


(BYOM) - Bring Your Own Mask

HyperAktiv invited 41 swiss designers to redesign the protection mask, they were able to redraw this anxiety-provoking object and give it an aesthetic, poetic or even engaged dimension! The 36 submitted projects full of innovation have been compiled on a website so that everyone can discover it in real 3D. A physical vernissage will take place in septembre 2020 in our space in Renens.

Designer's Table

Using our innovation methods, we design every year since 2017 experimental tableware, dining experiences AND organize the dinners where our guests will test our designs in real situation and give us very useful feedbacks. We are able, then, to analyse the results and create a unique knowledge about the dining experience, tableware design and eating behavior.